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Welfare Benefits Board (WBB) has been established in terms of section 3 of Welfare Benefits Act, No. 24 of 2002. It has been coming into operation on the 15th February 2016. The Welfare Benefits Act No. 24 of 2002 was Gazette under the Gazette of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka Extraordinary No. 1952/22-Tuesday February 02, 2016.

Hon. Minister of Finance has appointed its Chairman and members with the consultation of Constitutional Council as per Section 2 of WB Act. The main functions of WBB as per the Welfare Benefit Act are as follows;.

  • To exercise, perform and discharge the powers, duties and functions conferred on or assigned to it, by the Act.
  • To delegate powers to any of District Secretary, Divisional Secretary or Grama Niladhari or public officer any power, duty or function vested in the Board.
  • Establishment of Welfare Benefit Schemes
    1. Develop the criteria for eligibility
    2. Specify the financial allocation in terms of a Scheme
    3. Specify the date of commencement of the Scheme
    4. Specify the financial or other benefits to be granted
    5. State the period for which persons are entitled to receive benefits
    6. Stipulate the total number of persons who will be beneficiaries
  • Appoint selection committees and appeal committees to beneficiary selection and manage objections and grievances.


"To become the forerunner in the journey of uplifting the living codition of thoes who are indeed in need in the Sri Lanka society"


"What all of these have in common is that they're pulling information out of the app or the service and making it relevant to the moment."

Board Members

Jayantha Wijerathna


Kamal Padmasiri (Member)


Kumar Dunusinghe (Member)


K.H.Jessi Mueller (Member)


Rizna Anees (Member)


Welfare Benefits Board Staff

Jayantha Wijerathna

(Additional Commissioner-Operation)


(Additional Commissioner-Coordination)

(Additional Commissioner - Admin)

(Additional Commissioner(Accountant))